If you are looking for a unique casino experience and want to play to get it straight onto your mobile, then we have a classic variation of the casino game. This is online Roulette, and you can enjoy it straight onto your phone. Nektan are the creators for this classic casino game and players who appreciate the games of chance, like Roulette, will certainly enjoy this game.


Step inside this amazing online casino world, which will be show you a whole different dimension to online gaming. Nektan have been more prominent for their slot games, but they have decided to venture into the land of casino games they have certainly done a good job with this casino game.


Roulette is one of the most famous casino games in the world, and this is for a good reason. The designers of this game have made a mobile Roulette game that players are sure to enjoy.

The simplicity of the game is also one of its greatest strengths and this casino game adds more fun into the mix. The game itself looks perfect on mobile devices and the wheel spins without a hitch.


The objective of the game is pick a number and hope that it comes out as the winning number, that is how easy it is in theory, but there are still other complications and extra to increase the already enjoyable gameplay. There are 37 numbers on the table, 0-36, with additional side bets at the bottom. Each number is coordinated into either red or black, with 0 being green. Players will call bets on the outcome of the number in the roulette wheel. The roulette wheel consists of all 37 numbers, and the wheel will spin. A little white ball will be added and whichever number it lands on will be the winning number for the game.


Players can place bets up to £10 per number in this game, the payouts for a solid number is 37:1, but players can also place alternative bets, such as split bets. Players may wish to increase the probability of winning and split the numbers they bet on. You could also cross split numbers, which means you can have chips in the middle of 4 numbers.


Players can also place Outside Bets, which is based on the outcome and properties of the number. Players can place bets on the colour of the number, whether it will be odd or even, or they can also place wagers on which section of the table it will be from. This may seem like standard Roulette but there’s a world of casino game fun in the palm of your hand when you choose to play this version of the game.