If players are looking to bring a casino experience into their home, then they should look no further than the NetEnt game incarnation of the popular blackjack game. One of the most played casino games around the world is now ready to launch on your device and it will feel like you have actually walked up to a casino table, thanks to the stunning graphics this game includes. The internet is now the biggest casino in the world, with hundreds of different versions of casino games, but NetEnt has kept it simple with the classic blackjack. It’s simply you versus the dealer, but who will come out on top?


If you are new to online casino games then don’t worry as this game works exactly the same as normal blackjack on land, but it simultaneously provides a completely unique casino experience. The spectacular 3D graphics will make you feel like you are standing over the green velvet table. The objective of the game is in the title, to achieve blackjack, and with a deck of 52 cards, this is one of the simplest card games out there. The popularity of the game comes from how easy it is to play and you’ll find that this game is a joy.

As the game begins the first thing that players will have to do is select the size of their bet. This game is perfect for any sort of player, as it will accommodate all kinds of casino budgets. The betting for this game begins at £0.50 and it can be anything you like up to £100 per game. The size of your wagers, will affect your payouts so betting big will have the largest pay out.


The rules of the game are simple, find a combination of cards that come to the value of 21 or closer than the dealer. Players must be careful they do not go over 21 though, or they will bust and the dealer will win. 2 cards are initially dealt, and the 2 cards that make blackjack are an ACE and a card that values 10 (J, K, Q, 10). If blackjack is not found, players will add together the value of their cards and decided whether to HIT or STAND. HIT will deal another card as you try to find 21, whereas STAND will lock in your value.


Players will essentially be looking to beat the dealer, and if you manage to find a better value of cards, then you will receive a payout of 1:1 on your wager. If players are lucky enough to find Blackjack, then a special payout of 3:2 will be received. The game is that simple and with NetEnt at the helm, players will be enjoying a unique casino fantasy experience with all the real casino prizes!